Our Story

Our Story

jewellery with sustainability and high quality at the forefront

Inspired by her love for the ocean, Bella Wilson, launched Malakai the Label at the end of 2020 with the vision of creating a high quality, ocean inspired jewellery line. Today Malakai the Label is loved by thousands of customers worldwide, and is one of Australia's leading ocean safe jewellery lines.

With sustainability at the forefront of Malakai the Label, we work closely with our factory team of five in Guadong. We have embraced slower production times, avoiding overconsumption and ensuring ethical factory practices. High quality, durable pieces made to last is our main focus and with our amazing manufacturer we have been able to do this.

from the owner

"As someone who spends all of their time in the ocean, I knew how important it was to me to have waterproof jewellery. However jewellery can come with a huge price tag, especially when it is high quality. So I set out to create my own waterproof, high quality and affordable line. It has been incredible to see my label grow into a global jewellery brand and be adored by thousands. Malakai the Label would not be what it is today without our amazing customers and for that I am beyond grateful. I hope you love Malakai the Label as much as we loved creating it for you."

- Bella xx