Jewellery Care

How to care for your jewellery


We pride ourselves on creating high quality jewellery made to last and withstand your beach days. To ensure that your jewellery is cared for correctly, please follow our care instructions. 


What is our jewellery made from?

Sterling Silver:

Made from the highest quality, hypoallergenic, solid sterling silver (925). The '925' marked on all of our silver pieces stand for 92.5% minimum pure silver. As pure silver is soft and malleable, it can make it prone to breakage. So the other 7.5% is made up of alloy. This is to ensure that our silver pieces will be durable and withstand daily use while staying the highest possible quality.


18k Gold Vermeil: 

Vermeil, (pronounced ver- may) is the highest quality method of gold plating. Made from a thick layer of gold, we use 2-3 microns on sterling silver. We also use a method called 'Electroplating' or 'E- Coating', the most durable method available. This is not be mistaken with standard gold plating as it is much higher quality and 5 times thicker. We use 18k yellow gold over pure gold (24k gold) as it is more durable and less orange colour. 


To ensure your jewellery will last you a lifetime, we suggest this:

  • Although water friendly, remove your jewellery in swimming pools, spas and saunas, the harsh chemicals will strip the metal.
  • Apply lotions and perfumes well before putting your jewellery on.
  • Avoid contact with moisturisers, detergents, soaps, perfumes, make up etc. as this can damage the metals. 
  • Sterling Silver can oxidise with wear & exposure. Simply remove with the sterling silver we provide you in your order. Only use this cloth, do not clean with anything else.  
  • After wearing your jewellery in the ocean, rinse with fresh water and pat dry.
  • We suggest that you store your jewellery in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 
  • As delicate jewellery can break, we recommend taking your jewellery off during any exercise or vigorous activities. 
  • Take your jewellery off before sleeping to avoid stretching any pieces made with string.