What is Gold Vermeil?

What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil Guide


Vermeil, (pronounced ver- may) is the highest quality method of gold plating. Made from a thick layer of gold (at least 2.5 microns) on sterling silver. To explain this simply, vermeil pieces are made from precious metals, a sterling silver base with a heavy gold plating to ensure it lasts.


What is 18k gold vermeil?

All of our gold pieces are made with 18k gold vermeil. 18k gold vermeil is made from 75% pure gold and 15% alloy. We use 18k gold over pure gold (24k gold) as it is more durable and less orange colour. 


Why do we chose 18k gold vermeil?

There are many reasons we chose gold vermeil over gold plating or gold filled, but here are our main reasons. Gold vermeil is considered to be high-grade hypoallergenic, our 18k gold vermeil is completely nickel-free. We have never had a customer react or experience discomfort from any of our pieces, and this is why! 

Gold vermeil never tarnishes or turns your skin green like gold plating will. Our 18k gold vermeil is completely water safe. In saying this, it is best to keep your 18k gold as dry as possible to avoid accelerating any wearing down. What we mean by this is, as gold vermeil is 18k gold plated onto sterling silver, although this is very durable and made to last, the gold can wear down to its sterling silver base over time. 

Gold vermeil is still real gold. After gold filled, gold vermeil is the highest quality of jewellery without the expensive price tag. 

How do you care for 18k gold vermeil?

To ensure your jewellery lasts a lifetime, we suggest this:

  • Although water safe, avoid contact with saunas, pools and spas
  • Avoid contact with moisturisers, detergents, perfumes, make up etc. as these chemicals can damage the metal
  • After wearing your jewellery in the water, always gently pat dry when finished
  • When not wearing your jewellery, store in a cool, dry place
  • Take your jewellery off during vigorous exercise. 


Should you buy 18k gold vermeil jewellery?

Gold vermeil jewellery is the highest quality of gold jewellery after gold filled. If you want a high quality, cheaper alternative, gold vermeil jewellery is perfect. You can shop for 18k gold vermeil jewellery right here on our website! 

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