Remi Lane | GIRLS TRIP

Remi Lane | GIRLS TRIP

Remi Lane, fashion designer, stylist and owner of ethical fashion label 'Remi'. Living on island time in Bali, she is spends her time creating, being a boss lady and chasing the sun! You may recognise her from our most recent collection, 'Island Archives', we had the pleasure of having Remi model this collection for us.




In one sentence, who are you?

A fashion loving creative or friggen loves sunny days and anything retro!


You have built an incredible, ethical fashion label, what inspired you to start Remi?

Ever since I was 10 years old, I had wanted to become a fashion designer. I was always super creative, making clothes and short movies with my friends and loved fashion so it made sense to combine the two!



Who inspires you?

Oh gosh where to start? Working with my mum has been incredible! She has always inspired me (what a woman)! And Bianca Jagger because she has always had incredible style.

What has been you biggest challenge in business so far?

Marketing, it can be a bit tricky and very expensive.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

CREATING! I’m in a very creative head space at the moment and gosh I’m excited. And some fun travel!

You have a massive passion for ethical and sustainable fashion, what is a hard truth you think everyone should know about the fast fashion industry?

That knowing where your clothing is made is crucial. There are so many fashion brands who don’t know/care about who makes their clothing and the lives of many workers is on the line. If you haven’t already, watch the movie 'The True Cost'!

Tell us about a time you were proud of yourself?

I was pretty proud of myself for making the move to Bali! I’ve always wanted to live in a different Country.

Your favourite Malakai piece?

Oh gosh that is too hard to choose one! I do really love the 'Melati' Necklace though. 
A huge thank you to the ray of sunshine Remi for chatting with us! If you loved this chat and want to see more of Remi Lane make sure to check our her Instagram @_remlane and her label @_remi
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