Tayla Stewart | GIRLS TRIP

Tayla Stewart | GIRLS TRIP
Tayla Stewart, owner of the West Australian surf label 'The Salty Blond' creating all your beach essentials & following her dreams with her little family of three, soon to be family of four!


In one sentence, who are you?

Hi! My names Tayla, but lm also known for my brand The Salty Blond!

What inspired you to start your brand, 'The Salty Blond'

I’ve always had a big interest in fashion whether that was a hire business, supplying or designing. I just never knew where to start but grinding hard and finding out everything for myself has gotten me to where I am today! I’ve grown into the person I am now and I’m able to express that with the pieces I now design.

This questions is a hard one, but what is your favourite Salty Blond piece?

Ooooo definitely a hard one! I’d have to say either my Riptide Jeans or my Souls of Sunshine surf suit!

I have to ask the question we're all waiting for, your favourite baby names? 

Hehe I get asked this a lot!! We have had our names for a very long time (since we were 16) and will be finding out if we're using our boy or girl name in the next few weeks!

What excites you the most about becoming a mumma?

Being able to have a mini me (god help you all) and being able to parent with Lochlan and enter our next chapter together! It’s been a dream of ours for so long, we’ve always wanted to be young parents and honestly, what’s bloody stopping us!

Every summer has a story, how do you spend your summers?

Every summer I cut down on my work to spend more time with friends and every summer is definitely something special! This summer I’m going to be heavily pregnant so hope that me and my bump can just float in the ocean!

You love to travel, what has been your favourite destination so far?

Can’t go wrong with what we have in WA. Esperance and Exmouth have been two of my biggest favourites, but I’m excited about exploring more over east once everything settles down a bit over there!

You have built a beautiful brand, what is your vision for the future of The Salty Blond?

Hopefully open up a shop sometime in the near future but all these hurdles keeping getting thrown at us so for now just going with the flow ~

What is your favourite Malakai piece?

I’m definitely a silver girl but Malakai’s gold range is somethin special, I really love the Mahina and Sun Shell necklace together, it’s so delicate and precious.

A massive thank you to the gorgeous Tayla! If you want to see more of Tayla & her brand follow her Instagram @tayla.stewartt & @the.saltyblond.co & Tik Tok @the.saltyblond.co

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