Dana Moon | GIRLS TRIP

Dana Moon | GIRLS TRIP

Dana Moon, owner of photography business With Danes, a talented freelance photographer on the Gold Coast. Capturing incredible photos including our last three campaign shoots. 



In one sentence, who are you?

A passionate freelance photographer from the Gold Coast, Australia!


What inspired you to pursue photography? Did you know it would become your future career?

I used to model when I was a little bit younger and had a friend that would always take pictures of me, and then I would take the images and edit them myself to post on socials. I loved the process so much and would always want to capture him in return, so one day I bought a camera and organised some test shoots and the rest is history! It's been a beautiful journey with lots of learning and growth as I'm self taught.

I had no idea it would become my future job! It was only during Covid and lockdowns that I decided to make a website and showcase some of my work. Then when I came back to the gold coast, I booked lots of tests to really practice and then the jobs started to roll in! 


Who inspires you?

I always think about this question and how I wouldn’t know my answer if anybody ever asked me haha! I don't think that I'm solely inspired, but more so inspired by many different things and people. When I’m shooting, I feel inspired by my surroundings and the model(s) in front of me. When I’m on social media, I find myself inspired by many different artists and their different perspectives. In my personal life, it comes from the people around me and the different qualities they encompass. I think I like to take little bits of everything!


What has been your biggest challenge in photography so far?

I would have to say the comparison and imposter syndrome! There is such an abundance of creativity and it seems like everyone is always doing new, incredible things. It can be really hard not to compare yourself against what you see online! But I'm learning slowly to trust my path and to channel that energy into bettering myself and my craft.

If you weren’t a photographer, where do you think you’d be?

Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe still travelling? I was never clear on a career path until I started this business!


You recently became a mama, congratulations! How are you juggling mum life with your work life?

Thanks lovely! I’m super lucky to have a really beautiful and calm baby. It was a bit tough at the beginning (I went back to work super quickly though) but now that we have a good routine together it works pretty well! He comes to shoots with me when he can and all of my clients adore him.


What would your dream shoot look like?

Anything overseas! A campaign for one of my favourite brands in Europe or a tropical destination is definitely a dream for me!


Tell us about a time you were proud of yourself?

Booking a job with one of my favourite swim brands last year was a big highlight. But also becoming a mum and still working hard and successfully growing my business. I’m actually the busiest I’ve ever been after having my son! So I'm super proud of myself as a working mum, able to contradict some of the stereotypes surrounding this.


Your favourite Malakai piece?

The new Leialoha necklace for sure!

 The biggest thank you to the beautiful Dana for chatting with us! If you'd like to see more from Dana follow her on Instagram @danakmoon and her photography @withdanes. 

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