Claudia Przekwas | GIRLS TRIP

Claudia Przekwas | GIRLS TRIP

Claudia Przekwas, running a sustainable swimwear line & creating insane visuals with her photography while living the dream along the coast of South Australia.


In one sentence, who are you?

Really tall chick with a fiery personality (Aries vibes) but also super sensitive (lol), lover of the ocean and photography living on the beautiful coast of South Australia!


You own a stunning, sustainable swim label, what inspired you to start Sun Sea Desert?

Where do I begin… Let’s go way back to when I was a kid. I only had and have one passion in life. That’s photography. My mum and dad bought me my first camera when I was 15 and my journey started there. I would take my camera on weekend trips, out in the backyard, to my grandparents’ house and would just shoot all day long. I would watch countless of videos, edit photos, grab inspo from Tumblr and just create.

I am also a massive travel lover which I discovered back in 2017 when I did a solo trip around Europe. My obsession for travel and photography grew drastically over the last few years and I was certain that was the pathway I needed to head towards.

Picture this. I was with my best friend Mollie, sitting on the floor, chatting about life. She asked me “What do you really want to do in life?”. I said to her “Photography of course!”. She then gave me a brilliant idea to start a swimwear brand. Starting a swimwear brand included photography, travel and being creative. My passions in life. I asked her “Do you want to start one together?”, and that’s when Sun Sea Desert was born.

Being a lover of the ocean also, it just seemed right to start a swimwear brand. The name Sun Sea Desert is inspired by our beautiful home Australia. We have the sun, seas and desert. Our mission with this brand was also to be as sustainable as possible. We are a “slow fashion” brand where we only release 4 collections a year ensuring that all pieces are made ethically and sustainably.


What inspires you?

Travelling to different places around the world. You really get to switch off from reality and just be in the moment. There’s nothing quite like being somewhere in the middle of nowhere where you don’t speak the local language, walking to who knows where, experiencing a different life.

What has been you biggest challenge as a swimwear owner so far?

Consistency!! It is so important to be consistent when having a business. Being consistent allows you to establish awareness, build trust and deliver your services efficiently and profitably. Of course, life sometimes gets in the way and that’s okay!   

Every summer has a story, how do you spend your summers?

Laying under the hot Aussie sun at the beach is my kind of summer. Growing up in Melbourne, I would always escape to some beautiful part of Australia, Europe or Asia! Summer is for laughs, sun-kissed skin, relaxing and wholesome vibes.   

You create incredible visuals on you social media accounts, what got you started?

I was following a lot of big accounts like Gypsea Lust, Salty Luxe, Haylsa etc. for years and I just envied their lives and their beautiful styles of photography. I thought, I could do this!! I decided to start creating and posting consistently and it has led me to where I am today. Also learning to not care what other people think helped me in starting my social media journey. Once you accept that people will always judge or talk about you, it allows you to blossom and do whatever you want! You only get one life.   


Who inspires you?

My family. My parents are such hard-working people and I just admire how much love and effort they put into the lives of my sisters and myself. I think that’s where I get my work ethic from!

You travel to some pretty incredible locations, how do you find these hidden gems?

Honestly, I just open up google maps and select random points and just go there! I also love to drive/walk around and somehow end up in a random beautiful spot.

Tell us about a time you were proud of yourself?

When I travelled to Europe on my own. It is such a beautiful and eye-opening experience. I recommend everyone to solo travel! You grow so much as a person.

Your favourite Malakai piece?

The Sunkissed Sea bracelet!! It’s so beautiful. I am a sucker for a gold bracelet.

Thank you so much to the beautiful Claudia for chatting with us & sharing so much inspiration for us all. If you would like to see more of Claudia, follow her Instagram @claudia.przekwas and Tik Tok @claudia_przekwas and make sure to show her business some love on Instagram @sunseadesert and @visualsbyclaudia.
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