Bella Rose | GIRLS TRIP

Bella Rose | GIRLS TRIP
Bella Rose, a mandala artist & the owner of Bella Rose Art tells us how she used art to cope with her anxiety & how she has turned it into a successful full time business. 

In one sentence, who are you?

I’m Bella, an ocean lover from the Central Coast that likes to draw.

You are the owner of Bella Rose Art, why did you start your business?

I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attack disorder at 6 years old and have been battling with mental health issues my entire life. In 2015 I bought myself a mandala colouring book and fell in love with mandalas. I taught myself how to draw and from there my friends would ask to buy my art. I then created a website, some art prints, a colouring book and here we are today! 



What inspires you?

I am deeply inspired by nature and the ocean; this is where I feel most at peace and can take it all in. I also love patterns - I travelled to India and Sri Lanka a few years ago and was in awe of all the mandalas and patterns in the streets!


You have been very successful on TikTok, what is your biggest tip for growth on TikTok?

Post consistently! I post at least 1 TikTok every day- and not all of these get great views or likes but you never know which video might just blow up!


Every summer has a story. How do you spend your summers?

I am an ocean lover- this is my happy place so i spend it with good friends and family at the beach or on the boat!

You have created some incredible artwork, what has been your favourite piece to date?

Thank you lovely! I created the ‘Balance mandala’ which is drawn on an 80cm x 80cm canvas. I would say this is my favourite because of the detail in the design. It took over 30 hours to create.

Who inspires you?

Anyone that follows their passions and dreams instead of working in a job they hate. I am inspired by a lot of artists, creatives and business owners!

You have recently start drawing some amazing tattoo commissions, what has been your favourite piece to draw?

Ohhh this is a tricky one. I would say the turtle tattoo is one of my favourites! 

Tell us about a time that you felt proud of yourself?

I was proud of myself when I ran my first mandala workshop. I was so worried about teaching people but once it was finished it was a great feeling!

What is your favourite Malakai piece?

All Malakai's pieces are stunning but I love the Sun Shell necklace and the Iku Toora earrings!

A huge thank you to the beautiful Bella! If you would like to see more of Bella & her brand follow her Instagram & TikTok @bellaroseart__ 


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