Behind the Scenes of La Kelaya

Behind the Scenes of La Kelaya

A Behind the Scenes Look


La Kelaya, discovering the beauty within our uniqueness & learning self love. A journey we have all been on, or are still on. Sometimes it's hard to learn to love our uniqueness. But our uniqueness is the exact reason we are all so beautiful. Like shells, we are all so different to one another, yet ones beauty does not take away from another. We want La Kelaya to remind you of this every time you are wearing it & remember that your uniqueness, just like the shells you are wearing, is the most beautiful thing about you!

Shot locally at Mullaloo beach on the west coast of Australia, our beautiful models Aniqah Macrin, Chesnee storm & Madison Mcrae were captured by the amazing Georgia Bolton. Capturing both candid lifestyle shots and beautifully styled shots, Georgia helped us bring our creative direction and vision for La Kelaya to life. 


Bringing the best vibes to our shoot, our beautiful models (inside & out) filled this shoot with lots of laughs, smiles & fun! Everything we create is filled with so much love, including our shoots.   


Like everything we create, La Kelaya is inspired heavily by the ocean & all of its beauty. The inspiration being shells on this shoot made for some incredible shots showcasing our jewellery beautifully!



We want you to feel a part of everything we do and love sharing BTS with you. We love sharing our shoots, amazing models and photographers, if you want to keep up to date with our latest shoots, daily stories and a whole lot more BTS, follow us on Instagram @malakaithelabel.
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