5 Reasons Jewellery is the Best Gift

5 Reasons Jewellery is the Best Gift

How to Nail Gift Giving This Christmas


We all love receiving gifts, small or large, needed or not needed and expected or not expected. Theres nothing like receiving a gift from a loved one, and there's nothing like gifting something to someone you love. But why do we always come back to jewellery?  


1. Generally jewellery is not something we buy for ourselves

Normally when people are buying for themselves its shoes, clothing, bags and swimwear. Jewellery can be considered a luxury, not an essential when buying for oneself. So it is up to us to gift special jewellery on occasion, it is exciting to receive as it is not an every day kind of gift. 

2. Jewellery looks beautiful on anyone and everyone

Jewellery includes all body types, skin tones, personalities, genders and everything in between. Jewellery is curated to make everyone look beautiful no matter what, and compliments all personalities from the quiet and withdrawn person to the loudest in the room.   


3. Jewellery is wearable

Anything can make a gorgeous gift, wearable items especially. But gifting shoes, clothes and bags can sometimes be difficult and is not always as meaningful as jewellery. There is something about jewellery that brings a sentimental value and is not only pretty but useable and can be worn all the time. 


4. Jewellery is timeless

A lot of items eventually get replaced, clothing fades, electronics become old, shoes rip and bags get stained. However jewellery, if cared for correctly, can last a lifetime and be enjoyed time and time again. There is no need to replace jewellery so often and will remain in the persons life for a very, very long time.    


5. Jewellery can be given on any occasion 

Jewellery is a sentimental gift. It normally represents a meaningful or memorable moment in life for people. Jewellery is always the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, engagements, births, thank you gifts, celebrating, moving and anniversaries, the list is goes on. Along with this jewellery comes in many forms and can be chosen depending on the occasion, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and watches. Jewellery will always fill people with love and happiness no matter the occasion. 

Gifting jewellery is really a no- brainer and will also be loved and appreciated. Our jewellery is the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season and will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment with our high quality 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver, water safe and non tarnish material. To make gift giving even easier for you, we also offer gift vouchers so you can let your loved one decide.  

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